Core Dance Competitive Company

Auditions for Core Dance Junior and Teen Competitive Company - Dancers who want to take their training and performance to the next level!

Sunday, February 3rd, 5-6pm

Ages Jr. & Teen 11-16

Rehearsal 5-6pm would begin February.

Rehearsal would include choreography of one group routine.

Required Competitions & Convention:

Thunderstruck Competition, April 27-28

Competition, May 3-5

Radix Competition & Convention, May 11-17th


  • Dancers will be responsible for attending 2 technique classes

  • Attend rehearsal Sundays 5-6pm

  • Dancers/Family will be responsible for Costume cost, should not exceed $50

  • Dancers/Family are responsible for competition entry fees (approx $50/competition) due 30 days prior to competition

  • Dancers/Family are responsible for convention fees (approx $250/convention)

  • Skills: Should have double/triple turns, kicks en croix with proper placement. Side and straddle split leaps, calypsos. We are looking for a knowledge of skills and technique and dancers should be able to complete the above moves with good technique.

Contact Kristina at [email protected] if interested


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